Keeping the Fat Genes…

…I hope not.

Wow. My last blog was in September of 2016. Which is about when I fell off the wagon, so to speak. My boys went back to school. Their schedules are insanely different. Work has picked up. I hate cold weather. Boom. Back to square one.
Who does this? Who gets off to a great start & then bam hits a wall? 

I’ve just stopped paying attention to everything. Eating. Exercising. All of it. And I feel like poo. And AGAIN, I’m so over it. So, I’m back. And trying to be more disciplined in this area of my life. I feel like I’ve got a handle on SOME parts of my life. But this one just goes out the window. And I can’t figure out WHY

I read about people that get started in the gym & eating better and I wonder why I can’t do it too. They make it look so easy but it’s SO tough for me. 

I’m tired of the repeat cycle. I’m tired of saying I’m tired of it. I NEED to get my act together. This body is only getting older. 

Perhaps I should buy those skinny jeans that I WANT to wear, so I can have a visual goal. I will just have to figure out how to be realistic about the goals & time it will take. 

Good grief. Let’s just get back to it! 


Travel Time!

Well, we are on a road trip to Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA to see Samson. With travel comes thoughts on how I’ll get my exercise in and how will I eat while I’m away. And if anyone knows anything about Lancaster, PA, you know that it’s full of Whoopie Pies and Smorgasboards. INSANE amounts of food. After the 4.5 hour trip, I’ll certainly be ready to move and imagine I will have no problem getting some sort of exercise done. 

I LOVE to travel! I love the sights and sounds of a new place. I also love to travel back to places I’ve been. This will be my 4th fall traveling to Lancaster. I love Amish country. It’s simplistic. It’s clean. It’s quiet. Everyone is friendly. And did I mention Whoopie Pies? Seriously. I’m having at least ONE. 

Even though this is my 4th year, it’s the first time I’m taking the hubs and my two boys. This trip started with my mother-in-law and two of my sisters-in-law. We went together twice. Last year, schedules didn’t mesh, so I went up with two of my friends. It was a great girls weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with my boys. I think they will love the countryside, with rolling hills and farms being worked with minimal tools – it’s definitely better than all of that screen time they seem to want these days.

I DID pack my workout clothes. I hope to get up before everyone tomorrow, to get a few miles in before breakfast. I just hope there are some decent food choices for me along the way.

In a Rut, I ate a donut

Ugh. I HATE moments like these. Being in a rut is no fun!!! This past week, I’ve done well with my move goals but the Food….oh, for the love of food! Especially donuts – my all time favorite. I’m sure everyone has those days. And I’ve read so many things about what they’ve done to overcome those days and does it help?! Nada. 

Time for yet another mind reset. I think this is a common step in the world of becoming a healthier person. So today, I’m giving it up to the big man upstairs because I need HIM to put a lock on the pantry and bring forth only the greens, so I can get it back together & stay on the track! 

My other weakness, because I’m a born and raised southerner, is a big ol glass of sweet tea. I like tea any way I can get it and all different flavors too, but my favorite is an iced sweet tea. I’ve actually been trying to figure out how to keep it in my diet. I find myself saying, for every glass of tea I drink, I should probably drink double the water. 

So, the struggle is real. But I’m sitting here with my water bottle and praying that God reigns me in today! 

Sunshine Blogger Award

Wow. What a cool award to be nominated for! A HUGE shout out to theunicornwife for thinking that my blog deserved such an award – not to mention that her blog has a cool name (everyone like unicorns) and her furniture transformations are amazing works of art. Thank you for your kindness!

Cheers to all of you bloggers out there that inspire and spread positivity to those around you!

~ The Rules ~

  • Thank the cool person that thought enough about your work to nominate you!
  • Answer the questions from your biggest fan (aka the nominator).
  • Take your turn showing someone that you could be their biggest fan and nominate them.
  • Give them 10 opportunities (questions) to show you a little bit more about themselves!

~ The Opportunities to share (Questions) that I was asked ~

  1. Name one book that you loved and couldn’t put down. This is a tough one for me. I love books – I read about 5 at once. Most recently I read Me Before You (before watching the movie) and the sequel, Me After You. I seriously could NOT put them down. I was so overwhelmed by the first, that I immediately read the second one. There’s nothing better than a good book.
  2. Where is your favorite place to travel? Well…I’ve been to several places in my life, but have soooo many more places to explore. So far, my favorite is Grand Cayman. I had a remarkable time snorkeling with my boys. Just amazing. 
  3. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?  Aceepting a dare to participate in a karaoke contest – and I won! One of the most fun experiences.
  4. Do you have a nick-name and if so, what is it and how did you get it? Well, yes, I do. Everyone in my family from grandparents to nieces & nephews call me Too-Too. When I was a toddler, my uncle would come by to pick up my aunt for a date and I would run to the door, shouting, “Me too, Me too, I wanna go too!” So they all started calling me Too-Too and it stuck.
  5. What’s your most embarrassing moment? I would have to say falling off of my horse at State Fair during a barrel racing competition and being stepped on by my horse, causing the paramedics to have to pick me up out of the ring. 
  6. Name one character trait that you dislike about yourself? Being “matter-of-fact”. It can be a curse. I can shut down emotions and it causes my responses to people to come across as cold hearted, even judgy. Totally not trying to be but “it is what it is”….
  7. Can you cook? And do you enjoy it? Ha-ha. I WISH I could cook. I can follow a recipe, but I cannot cook. I can bake though, which I do enjoy!
  8. Did I enjoy school & why/why not? As a kid, I loved school. All the way through high school. College was a little different. I enjoyed the social aspect of school but commuting an hour and working full -time as a full time student to support myself was extremely stressful, so I was ready for college to be over, so I could get a better job and reduce the stress of juggling so many things.
  9. Coffee or Tea? I LOVE TEA – it’s my favorite beverage. Especially green tea. Love it. Unsweetened. I’m sweet enough. LOL
  10. What would be our dream job if salary wasn’t a factor? Own a karaoke bar, of course!

~ The Opportunities to share (questions) for my Nominees ~

  1. What would the title of your memoir be?
  2. If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?
  3. If you were ever to sing karaoke, what song would it be?
  4. What is your favorite quote or inspirational phrase and why?
  5. What is your favorite hobby?
  6. What is the biggest thing you’ve overcome?
  7. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
  8. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  9. If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be and why?
  10. What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

~ And the nominees are (drum roll please)

Unfocused Chaos


Supermoms Club

Oh, For the Love…

Thanks again, unicornwife, for nominating me! This was a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what my nominees have to share.  

15 Down and Counting…

Wow. 15 pounds down. Thank you Apple Watch, Map My Walk & Lose It apps for tracking everything I eat and every move I make. Seriously, I couldn’t have done it without them!

Technology is amazing isn’t it?! But it still won’t make you change your mind about eating that hot fudge sundae that you had for dinner tonight because your kid wanted one.

This morning my technology woke me up at 5:15am. I did ask it to, because it was the ONLY time I was getting my walk in today and I wasn’t about to skip a day – plus I wasn’t doing it this afternoon after experiencing my FIRST mammogram-dang, that was uncomfortable-for like 10 minutes. (Sorry-Sidebar) It was pitch black outside. I drove to the parking lot and it was still so dark. I got out, stretched, got my audiobook ready (currently Amy Schumer’s latest memoir – The Girl with the Lower Back Tatoo) and turned my phone flashlight on….3 times I tried to talk myself into going back to the car. There was an animal (or two people going at it-who knows & I’m certainly not judging) making weird noises in the woods. So glad I wasn’t thinking about vampires or werewolves at that moment (clearly I thought about this later today) because I was so nervous I thought I could actually wet myself. And then I came across two different men along the path – scared me to death and because of the BS media that so horribly displays all that’s wrong with the world today, I was terrified they might be rapists and sent up silent prayers for my safety. So, needless to say, I survived, got to see the sunrise and managed to get in 4 miles today in about an hour! Sure made my calorie count look GOOD for today–which is why I’m not too worried about that sundae.

Mission Accomplished 

I can’t believe it! After 4 days of non-stop pain from a kidney stone, I went out there and got 2.75 miles dunzo. This was no small feat as I STILL have the stone! I’m just too determined to stay the course this time. I will not let sickness or anything get in my way. I’m done 12 pounds, I’ve got a terribly long way to go. 

Everyone is asking me what I’m doing. There’s no magic solution to this. This is not a diet. This is a mindset that has to last a lifetime. I know, saying diet means there’s an end and an expected end result, but I know me. As soon as that diet is over, anything goes – I will eat an entire container of cookies and two bags a cheese puffs without blinking. And then what? The weight is back. I cannot do the lose & gain roller coaster anymore. I want to love my body, not be ashamed of it. I want to not worry about whether or not my husband is “ok” with this body (he’s never commented negatively about my weight). I want to wear clothes that I love, but could never put on this body. I want to be comfortable in my own skin.

So – mind reset – it had to happen for me to make this change. 

  1. No more waiting for the next friend to step up and say, “Hey! Let’s work out and meal plan together!” Guess what? This will cause you to have the BIGGEST lose/gain roller coaster ride EVER. It’s not that your friend doesn’t want this for you or even themselves. People get busy. Schedules will differ. Kids. Work. Family. You name it, it will mess up this awesome plan that you and your friend have.
  2. Commit to yourself. Make yourself your biggest motivator. Who can you count on 100%? YOU. And God. One of my biggest challenges is letting God into this aspect of my life. Why not ask him for support and help before you grab the bag of Oreo’s? Never know til you try!
  3. Procrastination–get over that. Set your mind to get started. Don’t use so-and-so’s upcoming birthday party to cause you to wait. I started this journey 11 days before my 40th birthday party (that my husband threw for me, decorations and all). Granted, I gained back everything I had lost up to that point, but I didn’t get off track with walking daily and tracking my food.
  4. Do NOT set boundaries that you KNOW you will not be able to keep. If you want chocolate then please, get some chocolate. We only live once. Don’t deprive yourself. Just limit the quantity of that chocolate.
  5. Create your own motto. Gotta move it so you can lose it. Baby doesn’t want back no mo. 
  6. Try to schedule your move time. I’m struggling with this because I started this journey while my kids were on summer break so I would go walk before my husband went to work. Now I have to figure out a new plan–one because my kids go to school at very different times, one early and one late, and it’s dark for 20 hours a day (thank you fall/winter seasons-ugh). I’ve never been a morning person. Never cracked an eye before 8am. But this summer I’ve been up by 5:50am to get this body moving. Heat/Humidity is a huge motivator for me & morning is by far the coolest time. I hope I can continue mornings because it really gets my day going in the right direction!
  7. Audible – sometimes I can’t handle the noise that music brings (especially in the AM–I’m not a morning person) – so I have audiobooks. I only listen to them when walking for driving, so if it’s a good book, it’s easy to get out there. 
  8. Think of moving as ME time. If you have kids you know, ME time is soooooo limited. I love to read, so audiobooks & walking have given that back to me (somewhat-I still prefer to read, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do). It’s also a great time to think about life, goals, pray, you name it. 

It’s not easy to get started but the rewards of moving and holding yourself accountable are totally worth it. Here’s hoping I’m out there again tomorrow!

Feeling stoned

And not they way you might think. The last few days have been extremely frustrating for me. Tuesday evening as I was preparing to have dinner with my husband & some friends I started experiencing some minor pain, which escalated rather quickly even though I stuck to the plan to go out. Dinner was fun-I absolutely love this couple-but by the time we got home I was struggling. I popped a pain pill, turned on a heating pad and attempted to sleep. 

Here I am 4 days later, still suffering from pain – which has been confirmed to be a kidney S-T-O-N-E. Hence the feeling stoned.

The most frustrating part – not being able to get outside and get my walking in! This would never have been something I’d say before. I wouldn’t think twice about walking. And once I got through the stone, I wouldn’t get back into the routine. But NOT this time. In fact, even though I’m in pain, I’m going to pound that pavement tomorrow. Even if I’m slower than usual. I just can’t take another day of laying around. My butt hurts from all this sitting. It’s driving me insane. This is the new me. 

I’m constantly reading things to try to motivate or inspire me. I’m currently reading several books that discuss about setting boundaries in all areas of your life, establishing routines to keep prayer life as part of your daily routine and just going after what you want in life. While I’m reading theses things I am pumped. But once I’m done, it seems to fade. I’m working on a mind reset so my motivation doesn’t fade. That reset has to happen every day. The truth is, you can only truly inspire yourself.

No turning back. Tomorrow is a new day. And I’m getting back out there.